Zero-Day Exploit – A Use Case in the Automotive Industry

zero-day exploit

A zero day attack: A hacker has identified a serious vulnerability in self-driving cars that would give him access to remotely control self-driven cars. He creates a patch update and then sends it over the network specifically to several IP addresses that he spoofs because he was able to intrude the network. The attacker has taken a zero day attack to the next level. While a simple zero day attack would have been to exploit a zero day vulnerability before a patch is rolled out, he smartly created a malicious patch himself. Through this advanced zero day attack, less people are likely to suspect the attack and more people will consider the update genuine. The update is installed on several cars. The hacker therefore gets control over several of these cars’ key features, like the engine and the wheels. At this point, the hacker is able to control almost everything in the car and could take it to any direction.

Surprisingly, the attacker’s attempt at this zero day attack failed on several cars as the company had started installing X-PHY SSD in its latest self-driving car releases. Several X-PHY features worked closely together and X-PHY was able to detect the zero day attack and halt any attempt to illegally update any car’s firmware with X-PHY SSD installed.

Zero Day Attack Protection by X-PHY

Highly Controlled Firmware Update  

X-Phy’s feature Key Code Pro-X requires unique single use keys encryption and decryption before any updates could be allowed, therefore, blocking any request by the attacker to update the car’s firmware with his malicious version.

Sophisticated Data Access Control

To access the data in the SSD, multiple key pairing is required, adding an extra layer of security to all the data in X-Phy SSD. This security feature from X-Phy’s X-Factor Encryption lock makes it impossible for the hacker to make any change in the existing data.

Automated AI Powered Data monitoring

Active Detective and Deep Investigation features work hand in hand to keep track of all activities happening with your data and are highly trained to detect any anomalies in I/O behavior. They therefore detect and block any suspicious attempts to access data in the SSD making it impossible for the attacker to take control over the vehicle using his remote commands.

Intelligent Event Record

X-Phy’s X-File Forensic Agent keeps track of every event taking place in the SSD for future reference. This keeps its security feature updated with all encountered cyber security attempts, making it easy to detect them as soon as they start happening.

Hence, X-PHY SSD was successful in preventing this zero day attack. 

zero day attack prevention

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