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For Those Who Are Always On The Go

X-PHY® CYBERPAD is designed for productivity, security and collaboration in mind to help you get more done along the way on your daily commute with its slim chassis and long battery life.

Meet The World's Most
Secure Laptop

Secure computing begins with the incorporation of the X-PHY®, the world’s first AI-embedded hardware-based cybersecurity solution that grants you with real-time autonomous security that acts as a preventive security layer so you can browse, create, and work in assurance

Safeguard And Defend Your Data And
Privacy At Every Level

24/7 Autonomous real-time data protection against known and unknown cyber threats

AI embedded security at hardware and firmware level

Effective deterrent against Zero-Day Exploits

Physical attack prevention with hardware enabled sensors

Developed in compliance with Zero-Trust Architecture

For Those Who Are Always On The Go

X-PHY® Cyberpad

From $3,149 USD

Blending Office and
Remote Work

Enhance your productivity, whether at your desk or on the go, with a full-sized keyboard, an enlarged trackpad, and a spacious touchscreen for seamless interaction. Quickly convert to a tablet mode and take notes on-the-go seamlessly.

Responsive, Powerful, Exceptional

With the Intel® Core™ i7 processor, the Cyberpad delivers top-notch performance, responsiveness, battery life, and stunning visuals. With Intel® Core™ i7 processors, you can count on an exceptional experience at all times.

Collaborate Confidently

Enjoy crystal-clear video calls with an HD camera that features noise reduction for enhanced performance in low light, along with a wide field of view, high-resolution imaging, and superior audio for optimal voice clarity.

Stay Connected & Light On Your Feet

Weighing in at just 1.42kg, the CyberPad laptop is ideal for work on the go. It delivers epic battery life, which means you’ll likely run out of energy long before it does. But if you do run low, rapid-charge technology gives an instant power-up to your laptop.

Rapid Wireless Connectivity

Whether you’re out in the world or working from home, the Cyberpad keeps lag away. Speedy Wi-Fi 6E lets you jump on crowded public platforms fast while avoiding lag-time and buffering. Now you can enjoy faster, more secure access to your network and uninterrupted video streaming.

X-PHY® Cyberpad

Everyday Handy. Reliable and Trustworthy
For Everyday Use.