Flexxon Clinches Two Prestigious Awards at 2022 WIPO-IPOS IP For Innovation Awards for Ground-breaking X-PHY Cybersecure SSD

Flexxon Clinches Two Prestigious Awards at 2022 WIPO-IPOS IP for Innovation Awards for Ground-Breaking X-PHY Cybersecure SSD - Flexxon | Leading Industrial Memory & NAND Manufacturer

SINGAPORE, 6 September 2022 – Hardware cybersecurity solutions pioneer Flexxon (the “Company”) today announced that it has received two awards at the prestigious WIPO-IPOS IP for Innovation Awards (the “Awards”). Flexxon was awarded the overall winner’s award, known as the WIPO IP Enterprise Medal, and was also named one of the winners of this year’s IPOS IP for Innovation Awards. The Awards recognise Flexxon’s innovative and successful intellectual property (IP) strategy, in particular for the development and market expansion of its world’s first AI-embedded hardware-based cybersecurity solution, the X-PHY.

Jointly organised by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the IP agency of the United Nations, the Awards celebrate Singapore enterprises that have achieved outstanding growth through the successful use of their IP. The Awards seek to recognise IP champions who have leveraged the effective use of IP to innovate, transform and grow their business.

This is the Company’s first foray into the Awards, and the dual wins demonstrate the game-changing and innovative nature of Flexxon’s X-PHY suite of cybersecurity solutions in paving a new path for the global cybersecurity ecosystem.

Ms Camellia Chan, Founder and CEO of Flexxon, said, “We are deeply honoured to receive the overall winner’s award and the IPOS IP for Innovation Award this year and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the other winners as well. These awards serve as a strong vote of confidence not only for the genuine impact of the X-PHY, but also as a testament to the commercial value of a carefully calibrated IP strategy in growing our business from the innovation hub of Singapore across the globe.

At Flexxon, our core principle has always been to push the boundaries of existing frameworks and mindsets to further heighten global cybersecurity standards to safeguard the citizens of the digital economy. As we look towards the future, Flexxon remains firmly guided by our drive for innovation to continually strengthen global cybersecurity efforts”, Ms Chan added.

Flexxon stood out as the overall winner amongst the top 10 finalists, Acumen Diagnostics Ptd Ltd, Allozymes Pte Ltd, DBS Bank Ltd, Float Foods Pte Ltd, Grabtaxi Holdings Pte Ltd, Hydroemissions Corporation Pte Ltd, MatchMove Pay Pte Ltd, Polkinghornes Pte Ltd and Vivo Surgical Pte Ltd.

Handpicked by an independent panel of judges, the Awards are well-known for its stringent assessment process to ascertain the final pool of winners each year, some of the criteria in which companies were judged on include the impact of Intangible Assets (IA) and IP to the company’s portfolio, business and commercialisation efforts, impact to stakeholders, industry and society.

The esteemed panel of judges include Dr Jui Lim ,CEO of SGInnovate, Professor Ng-Loy Wee Loon, Professor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, Mr Mark Lim, Director of Hearings & Mediation Group &  Chief Legal Counsel, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), Ms Cynthia Woo, Director, Business Development at Louken Group  and Mr Soh Lengwan, Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Singapore.

About Flexxon

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Singapore, Flexxon is a global company that specialises in next generation hardware cybersecurity solutions and industrial NAND storage devices. Rooted in its strong pedigree as a leading industrial NAND flash storage solutions provider, Flexxon introduced the X-PHY brand in 2021 to address the rising tide of cybersecurity concerns. Through the X-PHY suite of solutions, Flexxon is committed to protecting the basic rights of all citizens of the digital economy through constant innovation to address the evolving cybersecurity needs of today. With seventeen patents and counting, Flexxon’s market-leading products and solutions aim to deliver the utmost security and confidentiality standards to users.

About the X-PHY®

Flexxon’s flagship cybersecurity solution, the X-PHY® Cybersecure SSD, is the world’s first AI-embedded firmware-based cybersecurity solution. Unveiled in 2021, it detects anomalies in behavioural data access patterns and effectively shuts down potential incursions in real-time, with round-the-clock monitoring to prevent critical data loss and exposure. Building on the X-PHY’s market-changing technology, Flexxon is developing an entire suite of products and services that will address gaps in cybersecurity for individuals, SMEs and major enterprises.

For more information, please visit:

Flexxon: flexxon.com
X-PHY: x-phy.com

About IP Week @ SG 2022

Organised by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), IP Week @ SG 2022 is the world’s premier intellectual property (IP) event which brings together IP thought leaders, legal experts, and innovative enterprises. Highlights of this year’s programme include the Global Forum on IP, WIPO-IPOS IP for Innovation Awards 2022 and the IP Marketplace. Both physical and online attendance are available.

For more information, please visit: ipweek.sg/

About IPOS

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) helps businesses use IP and intangible assets to grow. We are committed to building Singapore into an international hub for intangible assets and IP to drive Singapore’s future growth. We are a government agency under the Ministry of Law.

For more information, please visit: ipos.gov.sg

Chinese translations:

  • Camellia Chan, Founder & CEO: 陈美玲, 创办人,首席执行官
  • X-PHY Cybersecure SSD: “X-PHY 人工智能网络安全固体硬盘”

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