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About X-PHY

At X-PHY, we are committed to creating remarkable ultra-secure products that meet and exceed the high demands of Cybersecurity, Industrial, Medical, and Automotive customers worldwide. Where other solutions fall short and fail, our products protect and prevail.

So now, protect your data against external cyberattacks, insider threats, and lost or stolen drives with ideal, tamper-proof solutions that ensure integrity protection for your most sensitive files with X-PHY solutions.

Featured Products

X-PHY Write-Once-Read-Many Card

Tamper-proof solution for Safe Data storage

Based on modern technology, Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM)
memory card is a tamper-proof flash storage device designed to
provide maximum protection for all your crucial data.

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and security go together

FxFp Fingerprint Secure Pen Drive

Biometric Fingerprint Identification & AES Security Solution with 3D NAND

FxLocker Secure AES Drive

AES Security & High Performance Solution with 3D NAND

WORM USB Flash Drive

USB Drive high capacity of up to 512GB Data security is in your hands


AES Security SD & MicroSD Cards

Designed to prevent malicious attacks.

X-PHY® Ultra Cyber Secure SSD

Designed to meet the demands of industries who require the highest level of data security

The Industry's

First Cyber Secure SSD

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