Professional cybersecurity solution specialist, Chris Dewey:
“No threat can get past the X-PHY SSD.”

Professional cybersecurity solution specialist, Chris Dewey: “No threat can get past the X-PHY SSD.”

X-PHY technology has recently stolen the limelight in the cybersecurity industry after being nominated and won a few international awards. Our UK distributor, Nexus Industrial Memory engaged Net Primates Ltd to conduct an extensive testing on the X-PHY SSD during the product engineering sample stage. Chris Dewey, a professional cybersecurity solution specialist has experimented with our X-PHY solution and shown a strong interest in this ground-breaking innovation. Chris Dewey is working as the Technical Manager in Net Primates Ltd, a company that specialised in providing IT Systems, IT Support, and Connectivity solutions to businesses for over 15 years.

With great pleasure, we have invited him to an interview to share his professional view on X-PHY SSD.

Here are the highlights of the interview:

What do you think of our X-PHY SSD solution before you’ve tested it?

When I first heard about the X-PHY, I wasn’t too sure as I have seen many different products that say it can protect the system but doesn’t. When I got X-PHY I felt that the quality of the build was good, and it is built to last. However, I was rather concerned as there weren’t many materials included in the package. But I realized that there isn’t any concern as the setup was straight forward and the application guide supports you through the setup.

What do you think of our X-PHY SSD solution after you’ve tested it?

After testing X-PHY on a system that was unprotected, I noticed that X-PHY acted on all the threats I could throw at it. I was very surprised at how quickly it detects a threat and stops it from doing any damage. One of the threats we tested is called WannaCry which was stopped within seconds and it notified me. The application is very simple to use and anyone could use it.

What features benefit you?

The features that are valuable to me are the locking of SSD once any threat is detected and the email notification that is sent to the user. This means that anything that runs without the user knowing will be stopped preventing any harm to the computer and the email will tell the user what type of threat was found. Also, the SSD does not rely on a database of known threats as it looks at patterns and acts on the threat. Hence, it will always detect even the unknown threats that come to the market.

Now that you have this product, what’s the #1 thing you’re able to do that you weren’t before using existing solution?

Security software relies on the user’s control to prevent any threat through. The X-PHY does not give the user the option. It prevents the threat and only allowing them the option to unlock the drive. The other things that we cannot do without are physical protection, cloning, and wiping data functions. This allows us to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands as once the X-PHY SSD is removed from the computer, the data will be erased whilst alerting the user through email. These features are good when the user has to leave the computer in a location while they go somewhere else.

As someone who is taking care of IT Cybersecurity infrastructure for businesses, what would be the real-life use cases that you can deploy our X-PHY solution?

The industrial embedded ssd would be good for a lot of sectors. But I would say the Accountancy industry would benefit from having the X-PHY to protect their system. Accountants normally have several other customers that they manage. This means that they have information that the ransomer could use to attack several different companies. This makes them one of the main targets. After testing the X-PHY, I know that they would benefit from having the X-PHY solution.

The final verdict.

Overall, the X-PHY SSD worked and help data loss prevention cybersecurity from any threats that I throw at it. Nothing got through the X-PHY SSD. The setup was easy with no special drivers for the SSD to be detected. So, installing the OS on the SSD was quick. Once the application was installed, it guided you through setting up passwords and MFA. I also like the wipe data feature because if the SSD got wiped, it still keeps the setting and event logs. I also like the fact that you can turn on and off features depending on your needs. I would be happy to run this on my own laptop and would recommend this SSD as it truly does what it says it does as the last line of defense.

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