About Us

The X-PHY® brand is Flexxon’s suite of hardware-based cybersecurity solutions. Igniting a paradigm shift in the world of cybersecurity, the X-PHY’s comprehensive ecosystem of cybersecurity solutions is based on the foundations of embedding intelligent and dynamic monitoring, detection, response systems at the physical layer to provide unparalleled security standards that require no human intervention. All that with easy integration and no disruption to your existing infrastructure.

First introduced in 2021 with the launch of the world’s first AI-embedded hardware cybersecurity solution – the X-PHY® Solid State Drive (SSD) – we diversified seamlessly from our long-standing business of developing highly reliable memory storage solutions to integrating dynamic cybersecurity capabilities into the equation. Flexxon holds over 40 international patents and multiple global awards for its innovative approach and impact.

Founded on the mission to make our digital devices and interconnected world Secure by Design, we aim to take the power back from cybercriminals and lead the charge in returning digital citizens to online freedom, security, and peace of mind.

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