All-in-One for Discerning Professionals

X-PHY® Ace represents a seamless fusion of mobility and high performance. Tailored for the dynamic demands of modern businesses, this combines the convenience of a laptop with the security and technology of X-PHY®.

Meet The World's Most
Secure Laptop

Secure computing begins with the incorporation of the X-PHY®, the world’s first AI-embedded hardware-based cybersecurity solution that grants you with real-time autonomous security that acts as a preventive security layer so you can browse, create, and work in assurance

Safeguard And Defend Your Data And
Privacy At Every Level

24/7 Autonomous real-time data protection against known and unknown cyber threats

AI embedded security at hardware and firmware level

Effective deterrent against Zero-Day Exploits

Physical attack prevention with hardware enabled sensors

Developed in compliance with Zero-Trust Architecture

All-in-One for Discerning Professionals​

X-PHY® Ace

From $4,199 USD

Made for Business Minds

This sleek laptop is ideal for business professionals that combines lightweight design with powerful processing speeds, delivering top-tier performance in a slim, easy-to-carry package.

Power Up Your Productivity

Equipped with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, X-PHY® Ace ensures efficient task management and seamless multitasking, supporting dynamic work environments and business needs.

Durability Meets Business Excellence

X-PHY® Ace is designed for business professionals who demand durability and reliability in diverse environments. Engineered for resilience, it can handle everything from Arctic cold to desert heat, and impacts. This ensures consistent performance, regardless of location, making it a dependable choice for professionals on the move.

Enterprise-Grade Security

For business professionals, enterprise-grade security is paramount. The X-PHY® offers just that—it’s the world’s first AI-embedded, hardware-based cybersecurity solution. It provides real-time, autonomous security, ensuring that your data is protected while you browse, create, and work. With X-PHY®, you can operate with the confidence that your digital environment is secure.

X-PHY® Ace

Excellence Personified. Uncompromising Speed and Performance.