Edge AI Computing and Cybersecurity

AI Computing and Cybersecurity

AI Computing: In the modernization of technology, Edge Computing has unfolded a newer experience for data sharing other than cloud computing. This brings out the processing power and data storage closer to the source from the data generation. The data is processed locally and makes decisions in real-time. Running AI algorithms locally on the Edge AI Computer enhances the decision-making capabilities by the appearance of machine learning intelligence.

The Edge AI Computing is highly effective for the smart applications with IoT sensors needs to process raw data locally and send for deeper machine learning analysis. It is now popular among semi-autonomous vehicles and commercial fleet trucks. The data collected from various sensors need to process the information faster and make decisions to operate the vehicles in real-time. Delay in message conveyance or malicious threats into the system may create a disaster.

Attacks on Edge AI Computing

The Edge AI Computing has a lot of advantages whereas it creates some loopholes for attacks. Most of the computing devices have the low computational power and some are incapable to run attack prevention systems like firewalls. On the other hand, the device and the servers operating in the edge layer communicates through various protocols and operating systems without any standardized regulation. This weakens the protection mechanism. Some of the attacks may also infect due to design flaws, implementation bugs, or device misconfigurations in the edge devices and servers.

The attacks on Edge AI Computing infrastructure can be placed using four categories of hacking methods, such as DDoS attacks, side-channel attacks, malware injection attacks, and authentication and authorization attacks.

For reliable and safe processing of Edge AI Computing, it is important to ensure a powerful defense against security threats. Currently, there are not many solutions available that will protect against the vulnerabilities from the core. Therefore, Flexxon has introduced the world’s first standalone X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution.

Benefits of X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution

By the incorporation of the AI-embedded protection facility into the X-PHY® AI, Cyber Secure Solution optimizes dense computing in shared networks. The built-in AI Co-Processor Quantum Engine monitors and shields the transmitted data in real-time. The self-learning attribute blocks the gateway for threats and ensures firmware protection. Integrated high-functioning threat detection features into the firmware-level and hardware sensors to detect anomalies in data access patterns.

The X-PHY® stands still as a shield between the threats and the Edge AI Computing server empowering continual vigilance because it never trusts anyone. The benefits of having X-PHY® protection are:

Defense against DDoS Attacks: The hacker tends to flood the network with malicious traffic to exhaust the bandwidth and creates a barrier in decision making. The Keycode Encryption along with Signalock in the X-PHY® enables multilayer protection at the boot loader in Rooted Firmware Protected Engine.

Protects Side-Channel Attacks: It is done by the exploitation of the algorithm and launches physical attacks into the system. The Hardware Shield of the X-PHY® protects the side-channel attacks enabling the Guardian Pro-X feature that keeps the devices free from malware attacks.

Malware Detection: The attackers infect the server with SQL injection, install malware software, transmits spyware or ransomware, and insist to reveal information by interrupting the system or making it inoperable. The AI-based Security Engine and the Anti-Virus Warden feature of the X-PHY® ensure protection from certain threats.

Authentication and Authorization Attacks: The hackers attempt to decrypt access verification through authentication and authorization attacks or try a dictionary of common passwords. The Keycode 2-Factor and Active Detective feature and Secure Connectivity from the X-PHY® prevent certain actions from happening.

Successful Edge AI Computing with the X-PHY®

The X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure solution has been designed with extensive security features and functionalities for successful data processing in Edge AI Computing. Experience the superiority of revolutionary devices that delivers the utmost cybersecurity and enhances reliability during data transmission.

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