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Award-Winning Cybersecurity
Solution of The Future

X-PHY® is developed to revolutionize the global cybersecurity standards by focusing at the NAND storage level.

As a testament to our breakthrough innovation, Flexxon received several prestigious awards such as
Cybersecurity Call for Innovation Awards by CSA of Singapore in 2019 for its development.

Embedded Artificial Intelligence

AI One Core
Quantum Engine

Flexxon’s developed proprietary self-learning AI core to proactively monitor and shield your data from known and unknown threats in real-time.

Proactive Protection

Autonomous real-time protection that keeps a constant lookout of potential known and unknown cyber threats.

AI-Enabled Monitoring

Eliminate the need for human intervention and manual updates via AI that is trained to detect anomalies in data traffic.

Last Line of Defense

Provides an additional preventative hardware layer of security that resides in every endpoints.


Scalable, versatile and easily integratable to bolster existing security infrastructure with an easy-to-use software.

Advanced Physical Level Security

Defend against threats beyond the cyber landscape with X-PHY® and keep your data safe and always secure.

Prevent Zero-Day Threats

A proactive solution that is always on the lookout without compromising productivity and performance.

Defend Against Side Channel Attacks

Potentially defending attacks promptly through real-time constant monitoring at the firmware level.

Stop Physical Theft

Integrated with an array of ambient sensors, capable of securing the drive when change of environment is detected.


Deploy X-PHY® Security With Ease

The X-PHY® suite of solutions is not only versatile but also highly effective, providing comprehensive cybersecurity measures for various industrial and personal applications.

Edge AI Computing

Ensure a powerful defense against security threats for reliable and safe data processing in Edge AI Computing for smart application devices.

Industrial AIoT

Prevent multiple malicious attacks into the industrial AIoT devices and enhance efficiency and scalability of decision making without any interference.

Security System

Optimize cybersecurity from the core with AI-enabled cyber-secure solution into the security surveillance system by enhancing protection for the network and data.


Prohibit the ransomware attack on the manufacturing infrastructure by establishing an advanced cyber-secure solution and mitigate the risks of million-dollar impact.


Minimize the risk of stealing crucial medical reports, damage, and disruption caused by hacking the system and create a defense from the firmware-level.

Military & Defense

Conceal the gateway of cyber threats to attack the software and instigate cyber warfare by implanting a built-in AI cyber-secure solution to safeguard the defense department.


Patch the gaps through which the hackers can pass in to exploit the satellites and use them as a weapon by utilizing AI-enabled cybersecurity attribute into the system.

Power & Energy

Implant a firmware patch cyber-secure solution and prevent unauthorized invasion eliminating the chances of electric grids being attacked and controlled by hackers.

In Compliance with Global Industry Standards

Proprietary Patented Technology

X-PHY® solutions and products are covered by one or more patents/pending patent applications in these territories: Singapore, America, European Union, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong and other territories.


Next-Generation AI-Embedded
Hardware-Based Cybersecurity Solution

X-PHY® Guard is designed to establish an extra proactive security layer to safeguard against, physical, known and unknown cyber threats by adhering to zero-trust standards

X-PHY Stream Protection™

Customizes security settings with added layers of physical protection for inter-module data communication encryption

X-PHY Guard™

Data protection against all threats, including ransomware, malware and viruses

X-PHY Factor Encryption™

Security key protection and firmware attack protection with dynamic authentication

X-PHY Forensic™

Audit trials to identify cybersecurity events or threats for effective monitoring

X-PHY Site Secure™

Defends against physical attacks with embedded hardware sensors that have constant power and temperature monitoring

Seamless, Proactive & Efficient

Plug & Play Solution

Plug and play X-PHY® SSD for complete data protection, just set it and forget it

Hardware-Level Security

Built-in hardware sensors to secure data against physical attacks & theft

AI-Enabled Monitoring

AI-powered protection to detect both known and unknown cyber threats

24/7 Data Security

24/7 real-time data protection without the need for human intervention

Comparison with Software

World’s First AI Cybersecurity For All Your
Data Security And Protection Needs

Through constant innovation and combination of the best features from Flexxon’s suite of
memory devices, the X-PHY® is developed to be the deFacto security solution for all your
data security and protection needs.

Last Line of Defense

Multiple Entry Points of

Modern cyber threats are sophisticated and can easily bypass existing software-based defenses; from cloud to machine level type of security, to target user’s operating system to access your valuable data with ease.

X-PHY® is developed to be the Last Line of Defense with its embedded AI One Core™ Quantum Engine to immediately detect, identify and respond to threats from accessing your data.

X-PHY® Hardware Solution Vs. Software Solutions

Contemporary solutions in the market relies heavily on software-based solutions which are
over reliant on signatory and behavioral databases that requires constant updates to keep threats at bay at the software level.

AI Embedded Hardware-Based Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Standards

With a proactive cybersecurity solution, the success rate of attacks performed, and potential data loss can be drastically reduced.

Flexxon developed X-PHY® AI Embedded Cyber Secure Solution with embedded advanced AI One Core™ Quantum Engine as a co-processor to establish a whole new standard that follows Zero-Trust security architecture framework, to monitor and stop threats dead in their tracks in real-time.

Integrated Security Strategy

For All Your Data Security and Protection Needs

Sophisticated AI/ML Capabilities

Our sophisticated embedded AI is designed with machine learning capabilities enabled by low-level programming that boasts lightning-fast reaction speeds and minimal hardware memory consumption.

Real-Time Proactive Security

Reinforced firmware-level security that proactively keeps a watchful eye on data streams in real-time, ensuring any threats are detected and addressed
before it becomes
a problem.

Enhanced Hardware-Level Security

Integrated with hardware sensors that help protect against physical attacks, including chip top layer scraping. These sensors offer an additional layer of protection to safeguard your valuable data.

Firmware-Level Digital Signature

We take data integrity and authentication seriously, which is why we incorporated dynamic authentication at the
firmware level to prevent your
stored data from unauthorized

Demonstration Videos

Seeing is Believing

Explore our series of videos that ranges from attack simulation to technology highlights
and find out why people are calling X-PHY® the next generation of cybersecurity solution.


X-PHY® Guard PC Application

Customize the features of X-PHY® SSD with X-PHY® Guard PC Application. Get complete visibility and control over your data and customize your security features according to your security needs.

X-PHY® Connect
Mobile App

Dynamic authentication at the palm of your hands with X-PHY® Connect companion app that allows you to have complete visibility of your drive and unlock once threat is averted.

X-PHY® Guard PC Application


Complete Visibility Over
Every Potential Threats

Customize the features of X-PHY® SSD with X-PHY® Guard PC Application. Get complete visibility and control over your data and customize your security features according to your security needs.

Customizable Features

Activate and deactivate
settings at a click
accordingly to what you need.

Detailed Event Logs

Automatically identify and discover threats concurrently during lock down.

System Visibility

Complete overview of your system statistics and remaining lifespan of your drive.

Rapid Response

Get instant alerts ensuring comprehensive device protection.

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