Our Co-Founders Camellia Chan and May Chng Speak with SafetyDetectives


(L-R) Camellia Chan, Co-Founder and CEO, May Chng, Co-Founder and COO

Interview with SafetyDetectives

In this interview with SafetyDetectives, our Co-Founders discussed Flexxon’s evolution since being set up in 2007, and how and why they made the decision to pivot into the cybersecurity industry with our flagship solution, the X-PHY SSD.

Upcoming Innovations 

They also introduced upcoming innovations, including a proactive detection and recovery solution for data centers and enterprise servers, as well as the X-PHY Vault, a handheld security device and warm crypto wallet recently soft-launched at CES 2024.

Challenges Faced by the Cybersecurity Industry Today

When asked about the challenges faced by the industry today, May shared, “The cybersecurity industry is having a hard time playing catch up to cybercriminals. The criminal landscape has transformed tremendously in the past few decades, it is now a sophisticated industry, well-funded, and highly organised.

Perspective on the Future of Cybersecurity

On the other hand, the cybersecurity industry has remained in the same frame of mind that it has since the 1990s. Heavily dependent on software solutions that still require a high level of human intervention to keep the database of threats updated. To be frank, anti-virus is the bare minimum, but I would never rely on it solely to protect my business or even personal data.”

Camellia added, “Yes, this is exactly why the cybersecurity industry must see a major shift in the coming years. Flexoxn’s perspective is that dynamic security systems will be embedded by design in our hardware. Hardware is the best defence for autonomous data and system protection, while software systems and cyber hygiene standards deal primarily with deciphering human behaviours, such as social engineering attacks.

As businesses and individuals face the undeniable fact that current software-based security solutions cannot work alone, we will begin embracing an inbuilt, hardware-centric approach that deploys intelligent detection systems at the foundation of each device, enterprise server, and data centre to protect users across the spectrum.

We will finally see a major mindset shift that has been entrenched for over three decades and stop relying on software-centric security as the sole means of protection against hackers. Then only can we have the peace of mind with the knowledge that we are holistically equipped to detect, respond, and shut down incursions effectively.”

Check out the full interview here: https://www.safetydetectives.com/blog/flexxon-camellia-chan-and-may-chng/

Missed us at CES? Check out the X-PHY Vault teaser video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UgSWyppChks

To learn more about the X-PHY, X-PHY Vault, or any of our other solutions, drop us a note at [email protected].

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