How Defense Organizations Can Leverage X-PHY Solutions

How Defense Organizations Can Leverage X-PHY Solutions

The innovation of technology is empowering the military and defense sector. It is bringing up the armed forces to combat readiness at a new level. The military ecosystem has already evolved with the journey to the digital transformation that enhances the traditional working process, operations as well as the level of services that have a positive impact on delivering military aptitudes.

The digitalization of the military and defense sector is enhancing the proficiency of the force’s working process. The technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), augmented reality, blockchain, etc. leverages the agency and operational levels that ease the workflow of the missions with more efficiency. Digitalization requires to have secured cyberspace and for the military, it is the key. Lack of cyber defense can create the misconception that may initiate war among the nations.

Attacks at Military Cyber Space

The initiation of low-budget computing devices and faster access to internet access instigates greater convenience. Simultaneously, cyber threats are also waiting for a loophole to exploit the system or network vulnerabilities. Once the attack happens, the military infrastructure has to compromise the integrity, reliability, and confidentiality of crucial information.  The hacker can invade the security configuration and steal sensitive data, control risky weapons, or may create some hazardous effect to the country defense.

Without proper cyber protection, a cyber-warfare can be initiated that disrupts the vital computing system launching attacks. Cyber infiltration can take place and hackers can use control sequence, inputs, or reprogramming to damage the system-level, network-level, program-level even hardware-level for exploitation.

Most of the cybersecurity solutions are software-oriented but the cyber-threats can be powerful enough to bypass the software security easily. It is essential for safe cyberspace with built-in cybersecurity that can ensure protection from the firmware-level to mitigate the impact of attacks. The X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure is the actual solution that can provide a full cyber-proof platform for the military and defense infrastructure. Flexxon understands the urge and introduced the world’s first standalone cybersecurity devices to ensure a secure cyber-space.

Benefits of X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution

The X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution comprises AI-embedded technology that facilities optimized protection for the military networks. It has been constructed with the built-in AI Co-Processor Quantum Engine for constant monitoring and assured protection for transmitted data. It blocks the gateway of cyber-threats enabling self-learning and high-functioning threat detection feature. The enhanced firmware-level protection detects malware in real-time in the closest proximity. The hardware sensors can detect anomalies through their data access patterns.

The revolutionary innovation of the X-PHY® permits continual vigilance within the network and never trusts anything. The top priority is ensuring a secured cyber-space for the security of crucial military data and information. The benefits of the X-PHY® includes:

System-level Protection

Physical infiltration causes vulnerabilities into system hardware launching malware, ransomware, phishing DoS, and side-channel attacks. The X-PHY® enables Guardian Pro-X, Anti-Virus Warden, Keycode Encryption, and Signalock along with AI-Based Security Engine, Intelligent Activities App, Rooted Firmware Protected Engine, and Hardware Shield to ensure protection.

Network-level Protection

Signal infiltration, password attack, MitM, social engineering, DoS and privileged escalation enable hackers to customize the boot to devise de-route and create exposures. For military protection the X-PHY® is featured with Layerlock+, Signalock, Keycode Encryption, Security Scout as well as with AI-Based Security Engine, Rooted Firmware Protected Engine, and Power Shield.

Program-level Protection

Violation of password authentication, multi-device log-on, Trojan horse, viruses, DDoS, etc. can be the reason for the program-level attacks at the military base. The built-in X-PHY® solution provides Keycode 2-Factor, Keycode Encryption, Keycode Pro-X, Signalock, Active Detective, and Deep Investigation paired with AI-Based Security Engine, Intelligent Activities App, Rooted Firmware Protected Engine, and Secure Connectivity enable the highest-level of cyber-defense.

protection of Military and Defense Infrastructure with the X-PHY®

Conceal the gateway of cyber threats and forbid software attacks and prohibit cyber warfare by implanting a built-in AI cyber-secure solution the X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure. The extensive security features enhance the reliability and integrity of the system and maintain the confidentiality of military data. Safeguard the defense infrastructure and ensure a cyber-proof platform with the X-PHY® solutions.

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