Hackers’ tactics evolve, and businesses should be too

Hackers tactics evolve, and businesses should be too

In light of a data breach suffered by the UK’s Royal Mail in early 2023, our CEO Camellia Chan penned a letter to the editor at the Financial Times to highlight the need for businesses to evolve with the times – just as hackers do.

She shares, “We are all at risk and currently fighting a losing battle against criminal gangs that can evolve tactics in real time to mitigate reactive cyber security measures. It’s time for us to evolve too.

The OVHcloud / VMware attack referenced in the article underscores the weakness of relying on human intervention to patch — or not patch — systems and defences. Alternatively we can remove this human reliance through zero-trust Artificial Intelligence, utilising it at all levels, from the firmware upwards, so that every single data access request is scrutinised, meaning it remains inaccessible from ransomware gangs — even if the wider perimeter isn’t.”

Access her full response here: https://www.ft.com/content/385838c1-d820-4c93-a40c-c40db73d8bc1

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