World Backup Day 2024: Combining Hardware Security with Software Key to Cyber Resilience

World Backup Day

World Backup Day 2024 has technology leaders calling for organizations to go beyond basic backup strategies and overhaul their cybersecurity posture. In comments to Data Centre News, our CEO Camellia Chan emphasized that simply copying files is insufficient protection against modern cyber threats.

“While making a copy of all your important files is certainly good, it won’t protect you from cybercriminals,” Camellia told the publication. She highlighted how 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two to three years, which requires safeguarding.

Camellia advocated for companies to combine hardware-based security measures with existing software solutions. Flexxon’s approach involves anchoring protection at the hardware and firmware levels of devices to enable faster and more accurate threat detection and response, reducing the risk of data compromise.

Industry experts also highlighted the potential threats posed by generative AI, as threats like AI-powered phishing campaigns emerge, rigorous testing of backup and recovery processes and continued security awareness training are crucial.

With cyberattacks and data privacy incidents showing no signs of slowing, World Backup Day 2024 serves as a wake-up call for a revamped, holistic approach to cybersecurity, according to industry leaders like Camellia. Flexxon aims to guide organizations through this security transformation through our suite of dynamic hardware-based cybersecurity solutions, combining next-gen AI-powered protection capabilities with proper processes and mindsets.

Read the full article on Data Centre News for more insights on fortifying cyber defenses:


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