Timing Attack

Timing Attack - X-PHY

Use Case in the Daily Usage

Jerry attended a meeting in London last week. As a manager, he keeps crucial information on his laptop which has a built-in X-PHY® storage facility. During his travel to London, he accidentally lost his laptop in a cab which was then found by another passenger. The passenger had a dishonest desire and wanted to access all the data from the laptop.

The passenger found that all the data is protected by self-encryption so he performed a side-channel attack on the X-PHY®. He tried brute force by sending different signals and observing the output on the oscilloscope of logical operation to execute the cryptographic algorithms. But the AI security engine detected the anomalous signals for brute-forcing and triggered Signalock of the X-Stream Protection feature and immediately applied the password to lock the data. At the same time, all the activities in the X-PHY® are monitored in real-time by AI and the X-File Forensic.

At a certain point, the Layerlock+ within the X-Stream Protection provided additional layers of protection wipes for the security keys. So, the data remained locked and activated by the Keycode 2-factor feature to ensure complete safety and protection.

X-PHY Protection Method

1. The AI real-time monitoring activates the Signalock within the X-Stream Protection feature to detect and analyze the activities of time taken to execute the cryptographic algorithms.

2. The brute-forcing attempt to achieve the encryption password further triggers Layerlock+ under the X-Stream protection to wipe the secured keys.

3. Keycode 2-Factor within the X-Factor Encryption locks down the data by entering into the safe mode.

4. While all these actions take place, the X-File Forensic features monitor and log them into X-PHY® using Deep investigation and Active detective.

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