Rethinking Protection for Today’s Modern Digital Landscape

With the booming of big data, it comes with endless challenges and problems in cyber defense and data protection. As cyber threat is increasing rapidly with best of the breed technology, businesses and organisations are facing constant threat and falling victims to attacks. Now, the rise of mobility and remote access users it creates a need to find a security proof solution that can protect data from both internal and external threats.

Today even the best antivirus software and hardware alone are never enough to protect your critical data. Valuable datas are stolen or lost every minute as security software needs to be updated constantly to battle new behaviour or signature of cyber-attacks and malware.

We see the importance of deploying AI Technology into our X-Phy chipset level which enable constant vigilance and trust no one and best of all it requires no updates. It is also the last line of defense and closest to your Business-Critical data. With X-Phy Cyber Secure SSD we take away the pain from end users by placing our best technology and functions. Experience round the clock monitoring and real time tracking by our X-Phy  and safeguard your business/organisation against malicious attacks.


icon X-Factor Encryption LockDetection and Protect: X-Guard Threat Lock will prevent malware, virus, ransomware attacks and unknown threat.

icon-proximity-3Real Time Security Monitoring: X-File Forensic Agent is constantly on alert and monitor any malicious activities. It also keeps track of audit trail in the data security monitoring.

Physical Attack: X-Site Secure has built in sensors like motion detection, change in temperature & ambient lighting and option for rapid purge.

icon X-Factor Encryption LockEncryption: X-Factor Encryption Lock feature that have secure key and firmware attack protection.

  001-secure-shield Communication: X-Stream Protection Lock feature that provide signal communication security at inter module communication encryption.

Next Generation X-PHY Cyber Secure SSD

4K images & video computing, AI technology devices connect to machine and machine-machine interaction, and connected systems are going to generate a myriad of both structured and unstructured data as we have the vision for the future data storage with Cyber Secure Proof next to your critical data.

The most pressing issue today is to get the most value and reduce the cost of data storage and processing. The high performance computing systems and data centers with current security solution are never enough to stop best of the breed cyber threats in the market today.

With X-PHY Cyber Secure SSD we protect and with AI technology deployed at controller & firmware level which makes it impossible for any data breach or data falling into the wrong hands.


Typical data breach without X-PHY.

Cyber Threat will bypass all network and security defense and infect malware attack on the servers and end users with lateral movement attacks. Sensitive data are easily accessed and stolen for Ransom by the attackers.

However with XPHY we protect and secure closet to the critical data. We deployed AI Technology with machine learning capability to prevent new attack vectors and as well unknown threats. Our X-File Forensic Agent is always active and work along side with our added features of security like X-Guard Threat Lock, X-Factor Encryption Lock, X-Stream Protection and X-Site Secure (prevent physical attacks).

After X-PHY Cyber Secure SSD implementation, your valuable data is always secure and protected at all time with continual surveillance & last line of defense.

With X-PHY Cyber Secure SSD, valuable data is always secure and protected.

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