X-PHY® Unalterable WORM micro SD Card


A tamper-proof NAND flash storage.

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The Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) is a tamper-proof NAND flash storage. You can keep any sort of important or influential files and documents and ensure data authenticity with the highest level of security protection


  • Irreversible Data: Eliminates the threat of data deletion or modification.
  • The in-built system enables read-many access by Default WORM Mode.
  • Forbid Fraudulent Activity: Sets to Write Protection Mode by default and triggers to WORM Function mode to prohibit illegal action towards the data.
  • Enduring Reliability: Avoids read-disturbance errors, reduces the chance of uncorrectable errors and enhances data reliability.
  • Real-Time Application: Protects all the video and audio recordings automatically so that it cannot be altered or erased.
  • Error Reporting: Ensures data integrity by the Prompt Error Notification if finds any illegal activity.
  • Parallel Writing: Allows faster execution of data writing or transferring multiple data at the same time.


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