Manufacturing Industry and Cybersecurity

Manufacturing Industry And Cybersecurity

As the news suggests every other day, a cyberattack in industries has become very common. The current manufacturing industry is highly dependent on technological advancements. It promotes innovation, productivity, and trade for capitalizing on better opportunities. The chain of command begins with product research and development, quality assurance, and everything in between has been changed by the evolution of technology. This increases the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) that transforms the control process improvising automation and remote monitoring. It even reduces the workforce at the factory by utilizing robotics and computer-controlled machinery. The involvement of excessive IoT, however, may lead to cyberattack in industries. 

For modern cutting-edge capabilities, the manufacturing factories are heading towards data-driven facilities where customers, operators, and designers can share information online. They are utilizing partake of cloud services, horizontal and vertical system integration, nanotechnology, advanced data analytics, simulated technology. However, all of these sources are connected to intellectual property (IP) and operators that are prone to cyber-attacks and sophisticated threats to data. Hence, a lot of critical data is at stake when there’s a chance of a cyberattack in industries. 

CyberAttack in Industries

Manufacturing infrastructure is risking high for cyber-threats. The number is increasing and it is a matter of real concern. If it goes unbound, the feature of connecting throughout the world and infiltration of data transfer can be the gateway for threats. The trespassing can shut down the entire plant’s operation or may lead to equipment failure that will stop the production or manufacture faulty products keeping the managers or the employees unaware.

As technology is evolving, the cybercrime evolution is also constant. The most dangerous cybersecurity threats are the common cyberattack in industries like IP theft, social engineering, malware, IoT attacks, supply chain attack, etc.

To ensure utmost cybersecurity, the manufacturing infrastructure should have the ability to capture the value with the frontier of technology. It requires a dynamic solution to protect and enhance value for the longer term. A system-level solution can be a perfect solution. Flexxon introduces the world’s first standalone X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution with firmware-level protection and defense against harmful cyberattack in industries.

Benefits of X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution

The AI-Embedded technology is the priority for a powerful cyber-defense and the X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution comes with the most improved version of it. The built-in AI Co-Processor Quantum Engine enables constant monitoring and ensures protection with continual vigilance. It proves its resilience with firmware-level protection that detects unusual activities in real-time to thwart a cyberattack in industries. The self-learning and high-functioning threat detection block the gateway of cyber-threats and hardware sensors distinguish the anomaly from data access patterns.  

The manufacturing companies must be associated with exponential technologies and take proper precautions with vigilance. The X-PHY® revolutionizes cybersecurity facilitating continual vigilance as it never trusts anyone. It will keep the confidential files safe and sound within the devices. The benefits are:

IP Theft Security: It is the most common type of cyber-attack through which someone steals the trade secret of a company and incurs a data breach. It is like robbing confidential data of an organization. Implementing X-PHY® can ensure protection featuring Security Scout, and Keycode 2-Factor along with Secure Connectivity.

Social Engineering Prevention: Social engineering mostly causes by human negligence where users are tricked to download or click malicious phishing email attachments. These sorts of attacks can be prevented by the X-PHY® Solutions facilitating Guardian Pro-X and AI-based Security Engine into the system.

IoT Attacks Defense: Hackers can infiltrate the network system with malicious traffic, block the network with ransomware, install malware software and launch physical attacks on the IoT devices. The X-PHY® works as the last line of defense enabling Keycode Encryption, Signalock, Anti-Virus Warden, and Guardian Pro-X protects with AI-Based Security Engine, Intelligent Activities App, and Rooted Firmware Protected Engine.

Supply Chain Attack Protection: Cybercriminals gain third-party access and enter the network, steal data, and cause significant harm to the company. The Keycode Pro-X together with Rooted Firmware Protected Engine features of the X-PHY® constantly monitor the attacks and ensures protection.

Increase Cybersecurity Efficiency in Manufacturing Industry with X-PHY®

Prohibit the ransomware attack on the manufacturing infrastructure by establishing the X-PHY® AI Cyber Secure Solution to mitigate the risks of million-dollar impact. The advanced AI-Enabled technology provides firmware-based security and ensures a secure data transmission process. Experience the closest defense at the fastest reaction time and increase cybersecurity efficiency to avoid cyberattack in industries.

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