Human Factor – Cyber Attack Due to Human Negligence

Who are they?

Gio Environment Ltd is a reputed organisation that provides practical and cost effective solutions for sowing plants incorporate offices, commercial, residential and retail sectors to make the world greener and better. All their services are highly technology driven to ensure the best quality service against the value of the investment.


During the process, they unknowingly opened loopholes for cyber-threats while installing various designs through diverse applications resulted in cyber attacks where all the personal data of their employees were encrypted. The attacker managed to bypass the anti-virus protection and made a successful cyber attack through ransomware attack.

What they did not do?

> No Firewall Protection Installed
> Anti-Virus Software Not Updated
> No Proper Servers Backup
> No Passwords Management System
> No Cyber Security Awareness Training


> Reputation and Branding Loss
> Lost of Customers’ Trust
> Penalty and Fine
> Paid Ransom
> Additional Cost Incurred to Remediate Actions

X-PHY Protection Method

1. Active Detective and Deep Investigation of the X-File Forensic agent detects the ransomware data encryption activity as soon as it starts.

2. The X-File Forensic Agent triggers X-Factor Encryption Lock.

3. Key Code 2-Factor within the X-Factor Encryption Lock locks the data and it can only be accessed by pairing multiple encryption keys which prevent the ransomware from accessing the data.

4. Guardian Pro-X and Security Scout within the X-Guard Threat Lock prevents any activity of the ransomware to breach or clone the data.

5. X-PHY® SSD then enters safe mode and require 2-factor authentication to unlock the access to the data.

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