86% of Data Breaches

are Financially Motivated
- Verizon

Financial Cybersecurity, For You and Your Customers!

Cyber Attacks on Financial Services

Financial Services are one of the most targeted industries because they are lucrative. They
manage the finances of millions of customers and therefore have a lot of financial information in
store for data theft. 7 In 10 Financial organizations globally have suffered a cyber attack. In fact,
cyber attacks on financial services firms occur 300 times more frequently than in other industries.

Exposure of Sensitive Files
and Insider Threats

Cyberattacks on financial institutions in 2020 exposed an average of 352,771 sensitive files. With 11 million files exposed to an average financial services employee, insider threats should be a great concern for Financial services, which account for 30% of all attacks. Criminals are also offering huge amounts of money to bank insiders for facilitating a cyber attack.

Detection delays and loss
in customers

Financial services lost an average of $3.86 million to cyber attacks in 2020. An average of 207 days were taken to identify these attacks, as per IBM. Consequently, due to unauthorized account activity, 13% of customers left their credit unions, 28% left their banks, and 23% left their credit card companies, causing business loss to these financial services.

Information Theft and Cost

An average of 7,095 customer and employee records are lost or stolen
as a result of data breaches in the financial services, causing an average loss of $1.06 million. Accenture predicts that Cyberattacks on banks in 2020 and
beyond will cause losses of $347 billion. Insurers will lose $305 billion and capital markets will lose $47 billion by 2024.

Increased attack Surface

As per VMware Carbon Black threat data, overall attacks on the financial sector increased by 238% between February and April 2020, while ransomware attacks on the financial industry increased ninefold and attempted wire fraud increased by 64% during this period. The attack surface has greatly increased following the COVID’19 inconveniences.

Financial Services Cybersecurity
at the Firmware Level

Security Right Where the Sensitive Data Resides

Sensitive information of the Financial sector is under target, therefore
Information Security in the banking and financial industry becomes
extremely important.

X-PHY® - an AI-Embedded Banking
Cybersecurity Solution

What's Inside

X-PHY®, for Cyber Security Financial Institutions, making Cybersecurity Financial!

What Do We Offer?

We offer Cyber Secure Storage, Laptops and Servers.


X-PHY®’s cyber secure SSD is World’s first AI-embedded cybersecurity solution that offers unmatched performance and protection against all cyber-attacks, using its advanced AI One CoreTM Quantum Engine as a co-processor. It employs the latest “Zero Trust” security framework to monitor and stop real time threats. It gives a 100% Zero-day protection coverage without human intervention.

Zero Trust Strategy With
AI Embedded Cybersecurity
X-PHY Secure SSD

X-PHY® offers World’s first AI-enabled cyber Security laptops, combining the features of our SSD and Lenovo’s World-class solutions. We offer ZEPTO Series, CYBERPAD Series and ACE series for a stand-alone, holistic, real-time defense against evolving cyber attacks. When a cyber threat or physical attack is detected, it will trigger immediate lockdown of the laptop to safeguard your data.


X-PHY® Fortress Server FE50 is a Smart, Secure Edge Server that incorporates the world’s first AI Embedded Cyber Secure SSD into Lenovo’s Edge computing solution to avoid disruption to your IT & OT systems due to Ransomware, illegal data cloning, physical theft, and other side-channel attacks. It comes with user friendly User Application Tool for easy configurations and an intuitive interface with dynamic 2-factor authentication.

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