X-PHY is PCIe or SATA interface?

SSD market is migrating from SATA to PCIe, and PCIe is becoming the mainstream.
X-PHY SSD is PCIe Gen3x4 SSD compliant to NVMe 1.3.

What form factor does X-PHY SSD support?

X-PHY SSD supports M.2 2280 with M key. The U.2 version will be available in Q3/2021.

What capacity does X-PHY SSD support?

We are currently offering 512GB for M.2 2280. 1TB/2TB for M.2 2280 will be available in Q3 2021.
1TB/2TB/4TB for U.2 are scheduled in Q3 2021.

What is the temperature grade of X-PHY?

X-PHY currently supports normal temperature grade (operating temperature: 0°C~70°C). X-PHY with industrial wide temperature grade (Operating temperature: -40°C~85°C) is in the upcoming plan, and the schedule will be around the mid of 2022.

Product Features

What’s the difference of X-PHY SSD with SSD in the market?

X-PHY is the world’s first SSD with embedded AI for real-time protection against cyberattacks. X-PHY SSD can stop unknown cyber threats which antivirus is unable to detect.

What security features that X-PHY supports?

XPHY GUARD Threat Lock: Detect and stop different types of ransomware from breaching the most secured data. Detect and stop disk cloning or partition cloning.
XPHY STREAM Protection: Signal communication security and Inter-module data communication encryption.
XPHY SITE Secure: Protection against physical attacks.
XPHY FACTOR Encryption Lock: Security key protection, Dynamic Authentication, and Firmware attack protection.
XPHY FILE Forensic: Audit trails in data security

Differences between X-PHY SSD and secure SSD with OPAL/ AES?

X-PHY has embedded AI capability to protect data in real-time against ransomware attack, physical attack, data cloning, etc. It is a standalone cyber security solution, not relying on external software.
A normal SSD with TCG OPAL cannot prevent any cyber-attack, and has no AI capability. It requires external software to do range permission with password-protection.
In 2018, the vulnerability of TCG OPAL was disclosed where hackers got hold of the DEK (disk encryption key) and used it to decrypt the local data without needing to know the actual user password.


I’ve just bought the X-PHY SSD, how do I install the X-PHY on desktop or laptop?

The replacement process is simple and easy similar to replacing it with another SSD.

You can either install O/S on X-PHY SSD directly or use a cloning software to migrate your old disk to the X-PHY SSD.

For the first time user, kick-start your journey by following the procedure listed in this link: Quick Start Guide

What O/S and file system that X-PHY supports?

X-PHY supports Windows with NTFS now. The version supports both Windows and Linux will come in Q3. For Windows users, they can upgrade the X-PHY using the X-PHY User Application Tool when the update is available.

How to pre-configure and enable the security features of X-PHY?

We provide a X-PHY User Application Guide to teach user how to pre-configure and enable the security features. User could get the User Application Tool and the User Guide from the following links:
X-PHY User Application Tool: Click Here
X-PHY User Application Guide: Click Here

How to reset the X-PHY SSD back to its original setting?

Use the “Configure Reset” option in User Application Tool to reset the X-PHY features.

If X-PHY is locked up due to cyber-attack, how can I unlock the drive when threat is cleaned up?

You can use the following tools to unlock the X-PHY SSD.
X-PHY User Application Tool: Use X-PHY as secondary disk and launch the User Application tool to unlock it.
The steps can be found in this guide: X-PHY® User Application Guide
X-PHY Bluetooth Apps: User can unlock the SSD using the our Bluetooth apps. These apps are available on the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple Store for iOS. Please follow the instruction guide to utilize this tool:
User Guide For Bluetooth Application (For IOS)
User Guide For Bluetooth Application (For Android)

Is it safe to use the User Application Tool and Bluetooth Apps?

The communication between X-PHY and Applications is a secured channel with encrypted secret key. Also, the Dynamic Authentication is required to provide another layer of security.
These apps will not work if user is not using a legitimate X-PHY SSD.

How to do a firmware update on the X-PHY SSD?

The firmware can be updated using the X-PHY User Application Tool.

I have a X-PHY SSD in my computer, do I still need to install an antivirus software?

X-PHY is edge security solution and works as the last line of defence. It can cooperate with an antivirus software or other layers of security to provide an holistic multi-layer security system to protect the critical data.

Use Cases

In what application can X-PHY support?

You can find out on some of its application via our blog: Click Here. This blog is constantly updated with new applications based on real-life scenarios/cases.


What security certificate does X-PHY have?

X-PHY is in the midst of application for Common Criteria with EAL2 level.

Does X-PHY support FIPS 140-2?

FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria are two security-product certification programs run by the government. Common Criteria has a much wider review process of overall product design and functionality than FIPS, and covers the product from its inception, to the final product and overall usage. X-PHY will support Common Criteria, not FIPS.


Will I be able to install X-PHY® SSD on my laptop?

Yes. Please make sure your laptop supports PCIe NVMe M.2 2280.

Can I replace the existing primary drive with X-PHY® SSD on my computer?

X-PHY SSD supports M.2 2280 with M key. The U.2 version will be available in Q3/2021.

Is it difficult to install the X-PHY SSD?

The installation of X-PHY is simple. The installation is similar to any normal SSD to be used on your desktop or laptop.
You can either directly install O/S on X-PHY SSD or use cloning software to migrate your old disk to the X-PHY.
Note: The X-PHY Data Migration Tool will be available in June.
For the first time user, kick-start your journey by following the procedure listed in this link: Quick Start Guide

Is there any special software to install? Do I have to install software on my PC to use and configure the X-PHY functionality?

X-PHY SSD is a standalone cybersecurity solution, and it doesn’t require special software/agents to install.
X-PHY User Application Tool is user-friendly. It can configure X-PHY security functionality and record SSD status & event logs.
Please refer to the X-PHY User Application Guide to install and use it.

What is the step-by-step procedure for the installation.

Install X-PHY then install User Apps to set a password and register your email.



How many form factor available for X-PHY® SSD? What are the capacity?

Currently, X-PHY SSD is available in 2 form factors which are M.2 2280 and U.2 and available capacities are 512GB and 1TB for both factors.

What differs X-PHY from other SSD?

X-PHY is the world’s first SSD with embedded AI for real-time protection against cyberattacks, like ransomware attacks, physical attacks, data cloning, etc. It is a standalone cybersecurity solution that doesn’t rely on external software.
The SSDs from other brands that have TCG OPAL in the market are unable to prevent any cyber-attack and don’t have AI capability.

Will Flexxon store and use my data?

No, the data is strictly stored within SSD inside each of your individual machine and we do not have any access to the data.

Why do I need X-PHY when my laptop already installed with Antivirus software?

Antivirus can only provide protection against known threats. Therefore, if someone cooks up new malicious code, an antivirus program may fail to detect it. Unlike other traditional solutions, X-PHY’s SSD comes with an Anomalies AI Data Access Module to have end to end data protection within the drive which is beyond software protection.

Can X-PHY stop a hacker from stealing the data?

X-PHY is an edge security solution, and works as the last line of defense. When a hacker interacts with X-PHY and probes the data inside, it can detect and stop hacking by locking the data immediately.

Where to buy?

For X-PHY’s products, you may start to pre-order through our website at https://estore.x-phy.com/