Beyond Anti-Virus’ Shark Nets’: Why Current Approaches to Cybersecurity Need to Change


What do shark nets and anti-virus software have in common? According to our CEO Camellia Chan, they both suffer from three weaknesses:

1. A lack of control over the environment
2. Inability to account for the unknown
3. Continued reliance on human vigilance

This real-world analogy perfectly mirrors the need for a revised approach to cybersecurity. In today’s digital world, having to deal a veritable ocean of an attack surface and unknown cyberthreats are two prominent challenges. Faced with this onslaught, it is unreasonable and sheer folly to expect human decision making to remain a large part of the cybersecurity chain.

At the cloud level, visibility over your infrastructure decreases astronomically. Today, organisations use thousands of instances of cloud services, which is near-impossible for the human mind or even your IT department to keep track of at all times.

So how can organisations create an impenetrable perimeter that keeps would-be intruders out?

To protect data stored at the hardware level, you must create a controlled enclave environment, with limited access points, and continuous monitoring of actions made directly to the device. This is what we set out to do with the X-PHY internal ssd for laptop.

Through the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the X-PHY steps in to detect potential intrusions intuitively and continuously. Unlike the multitude of behavioural access patterns that AI-embedded software-based defenses must deal with, at the hardware level this can be simplified to just the read and write patterns.

This translates to far greater accuracy, response times, and success rates in detecting threats. Trimming the threat identification algorithms down to read and write patterns will also greatly eliminate the possibility of false positives, thereby removing the need for human intervention.

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